‘My Transformation Journey And How I Can Help You To Lose Weight!’


My Transformation Journey And How I Can Help You To Lose Weight!


I’d never been overweight through eating and drinking too much ‘crap’. I’d always hit the gym hard.

I was eating all the ‘right’ stuff (as in non processed, low sugar, nutrient dense foods, minimal alcohol etc), just too much of it – around 1000 calories per day.

I cut down from 3500 calories per day (which resulted in the ‘before’ picture) to 2500, resulting in the ‘after’ pic.

Protein remained the same in both cases, although some will benefit from keeping it higher in a deficit.

Carbs were kept as high as possible, whilst creating a deficit, because, when training naturally, it’s crucial to keep workout intensity high.

The remainder of the calorie deficit was created by eating less fat, although I made sure I included healthy fats contained in Extra Virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish.

In order to preserve muscle mass, I trained with weights exactly the same, although I increased reps from 5 – 12, so as not to notice a loss of strength.

The muscle mass in each picture is the same, if not slightly less in the after pic. Body fat covering your well developed muscles can make it look like you don’t even train!

If you’re not losing weight and have no ’empty calories’ to cut out such as full sugar fizzy drinks, then it’s almost certain you’re eating and drinking too many calories (or too big portion sizes) perhaps without even realising it.

Tracking your food intake for at least 2 days during the week and 1 day at the weekend, using an app such as My fitness Pal can certainly help to find how many calories are maintaining your current weight.

From there it’s a case of creating a calorie deficit by consuming less, by 300-800 calories (depending on individual results) again by tracking and putting a ceiling on how much you eat.

You should lose a pound a week. If you prefer quicker/more aggressive dieting then two pounds can be a great motivator for some.

I’ve always written my food down as a ‘plan’. This or keeping a food diary can work, especially for those who hate gadgets.

Are you ready to start your transformation with a home Personal Trainer in Norfolk/Suffolk?

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