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Lifting weights was traditionally seen as something only male bodybuilders did in gyms.

Studies are now proving that weight training throughout the lifespan can have tremendous health benefits for men and women.

A recent study reported in Men’s Health from Penn State College of Medicine stated that people aged 65 or over can decrease their risk of dying by 46% with regularly performed strength training.

A 19% reduced chance of dying was reported for people with a less healthy lifestyle, even when adjusting for BMI, high blood pressure, drinking and smoking.

What’s the benefits of lifting weights with PMA Personal Training?

  1. Strengthens your muscles, resulting in better stamina and balance
  2. Increased bone density
  3. Reduced risk of falls and fractures – major causes of disability and loss of confidence in older adults
  4. Improvements to mental health, reduced anxiety, stress and depression
  5. Decreased risk of heart attack and lowered blood pressure
  6. Improved blood sugar, insulin responses, ideal for diabetics
  7. Increased fat loss over aerobic activities
  8. Burns muscle glycogen meaning your body turns to fat for energy
  9. Fixes lower back and hip pain
  10. Gives motivation to continue and accountability
  11. Supervised sessions minimise the chances of injury                                         

What happens during a PMA Personal Training session?

I’m Peter Azzopardi, mobile personal trainer in Norfolk and Suffolk. After an initial fitness assessment, I’ll bring Kettlebells and ViPRs to your home.

You’ll work 1:1 with a highly qualified personal trainer in Norfolk and Suffolk and the sessions will be specifically designed with your goals in mind and at an appropriate level.

My current clients who lift weights include a gentleman in his late 60’s and a lady in her mid 70’s. Both have reported significant improvements to their health and appearance.

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since 2001 and I have worked for 8 years in NHS physiotherapy, so you’ll be in safe hands.

Great, how do I book my consultation?

Please click on this link for the contact page, where you can tell me about your health and fitness goals and then I’ll get back to you to arrange your initial assessment.

Take advantage of my FREE 20 minute consultation and you’ll have a chance to chat directly to me regarding personal training to your home in Suffolk or Norfolk.

You’ll benefit from my client centred approach. I’m not at all like the media portrayal of a drill sergeant so you’ll always have a choice in what you’d like to do in the sessions.

So contact me today, I love starting new projects 🙂

Many thanks Peter

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