The ‘Fat but Fit’ Paradigm

Whilst there are tremendous benefits to being physically active, being overweight or obese still increases the risk of heart disease by 28%, compared with lean, metabolically healthy people. It’s why obesity is known as a ‘primary risk factor’ for the development of heart disease, independent of other risk factors. So even if other independent risk […]

Dietary Fibre Can Massively Benefit Your Health!

FIBER CAN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT, PROTECT AGAINST CERTAIN CANCERS, HEART DISEASE AND TYPE 2 DIABETES. FIND OUT HOW! Dietary fiber used to be known as roughage. It comprises the edible parts of plants that are not broken down and absorbed in the human gastrointestinal tract. Fiber consists of structural plant polysaccharides such as cellulose. [...]

‘My Transformation Journey And How I Can Help You To Lose Weight!’

  My Transformation Journey And How I Can Help You To Lose Weight!   I'd never been overweight through eating and drinking too much 'crap'. I'd always hit the gym hard. I was eating all the 'right' stuff (as in non processed, low sugar, nutrient dense foods, minimal alcohol etc), just too much of it [...]

Peter’s 12 Steps To Losing Weight With Flexible Diet & Tracking Methods

Track your food intake using My Fitness Pal for 7-14 days. Ideally use the bar code scanner as there can be inaccuracies with most MFP numbers. If in doubt, use USDA or Supermarket data. When eating out in places that don’t give calories on their menus, search for alternatives on MFP such as Wetherspoons to [...]

Home Personal Training In Norfolk and Suffolk Can Cut The Risk Of Early Death By 46%. Contact Peter today!

  Lifting weights was traditionally seen as something only male bodybuilders did in gyms. Studies are now proving that weight training throughout the lifespan can have tremendous health benefits for men and women. A recent study reported in Men’s Health from Penn State College of Medicine stated that people aged 65 or over can decrease […]


When trying to stick with a weight loss diet, one of the biggest barriers people face is not having the social support from friends and family. I’m sure you’ve been there, Saturday night comes around and you’ve been invited out for a meal and a few drinks. You’re trying to stick to your diet, yet [...]

Weight-loss supplements – Do they live up to their claims?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eat and drink whatever we want, not even think about creating a calorie deficit through watching our diet or exercising to burn more off energy and yet still magically lose weight (more specifically body fat) due to a ‘weight-loss supplement’? Just lately, I’ve come across a lot of [...]

How can an in home personal trainer in Norfolk and Suffolk help me to achieve my goals?

Have you decided that it's time to shift the excess weight, which seems to have gradually crept up, but you hate gyms and can't bear the thought of standing out in a fitness class? Do you find slimming classes and being weighed in front of a group of people a little embarrassing? We have helped [...]